Take it like a man

Hampus Nessvold

A couple (?) of years back I went to see this one man show “Take it like a man”. I had bought tickets for my oldest son too, but then he (sadly) decided not to join. It was great! A young heterosexual man talking about how he doesn’t fit in to the stereotypical role of a man i today’s society.

It was good as it was it was personal and telling a story based on his own feelings and experience. It simply explained how it can be, and with that providing a different perspective and broaden the horizon for many.

Now, literally 2 min ago. I decided that I will take both our boys to see this show if it will be on the stage again. Making a trip out of it. To the big city. As soon as this pandemic is over and we are allowed to indulge in culture again.

Oh how wonderful it is to start making plans.

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