A gentle reminder

I am a person with a stable self worth and confidence. This is good. When it turns to hubris, not so much, this post is before I get hubris.

As mentioned I have started to go through my saved images. As I shoot in .raw and the files are huge and not possible to share straight off, a raw file always requires a touch of editing, so this is what I spend my lonely days doing.

However, while doing this I get reminded of what I good photographer I am. A darn great one (here the hubris is piling up). But my own splenditure is not the only thing I am reminded of when going through them. I also give thanks to how blessed I am/have been to be living this very easy and privileged life. Giving so much to our children (and myself). Like a cup of cocoa after playing hockey on a frozen lake with the older (cool) kids in the village or accepting a football prize when the season is over, in your team’s jersey. And to top it off, having a mother capturing great pics of these ordinary but still privileged times.

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