New year’s resolutions

I told you about one of my new year’s resolutions in this previous post. To be honest it going so so. But I guess I need to give myself some time for practicing.

Another “resolution” is to take for photos with my “real camera”. More of the kids while they’re still around. So when the Mr and the youngest went off to the pitch for some practice I though: “Let’s capture them!”. You know, action is everything. So off I went and as I approached I looked down and realized that I was out of batteries…

Well, today is a new day. And I had my phone handy to take some pics anyway. and with the phone I get some moving images too (can as well with the camera but those files will be huge).

So maybe I should change the resolution to be -take more images of the kids and make fun memorable videos like this one. I love to make them and God knows I have the time.

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