To utilize International Women’s Day

I so understand and can partly appreciate the actions companies do to utlize (in the term of exploit) days like International Women’s Day to produce content for their social media. But the bigger part of me makes me provoked.

Personally, not one day passes with out me celebrating my self. Officially or unofficially (i.e. in my head). I have come that far in my life that even if I still love praise and appreciation from others, it’s more important that I am ok with my self. It varies from total admiration and unhealthy glorification to a more modest “you’re OK”. I still do a lot of shitty, or not so thought through stuff, but those are my action and don’t determine who I am or what I’m worth.

So, what does my bombastic view of myself has to do with International Women’s day?

What I mean is, that I (and in a perfect world all women) don’t need companies and organisations to tell others how they appreciate me. This I can do myself (any day of the year) Sure, it is nice. But the struggle women have for equality doesn’t need nice, it needs hard core action. It would be so much more interesting if these companies and organisations took the opportunity to shown, in hard core facts, how they secure that women and men are treated equally in their organisations.

The “women cheering content” in social media is sweet but painfully hollow and a direct proof that most of us have not understood what the fight for equality is about and reminder that the feminist analysis, is so distressingly shallow.

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