Things change or do they?

I am no longer very often on Facebook, and since the day I figured out how to download all the images I once uploaded, I promised myself to never post new pictures to that platform.

But I do go in and usually have a look in the Memory section. That’s fun (or tragic, I don’t really know). You see how the kids have grown and that your viewpoint on life have sometimes changed (a lot) and for sure the total nonsense you shared to everyone all the time!

Anyhow, today these memories reminded me that six years ago my life was different, but still not. This image portrayed my life six years ago:

And this was what it looked like yesterday. Both Fridays:

No, not that different. Me home alone, this time with one kid instead of two. The fact is, like any normal teenager he seldom joins me infront of the TV. But, yesterday he did. I appreciated it and thanked him for it, when I went to bed 15 mins past 10 p.m. ….

Today’s question: The picture from yesterday is from my Insta stories and has God’s Plan with Drake as “theme song”.

That’s mine and F’s song. We often play when we’re together. It’s is a special section of the song that made it ours. Can you guess which one?

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