Awaiting the award ceremony

I KNOW I’m not the only one. But yesterday was a yet another typical day of the incredible mum mind.

07:51 when I was approximately 20 km away from home. Our youngest calls and ask me if I knew where his keys were. One could wonder why he does that, not only me being far far away from home, with very small possibilities to search the premisses. Thereto, it’s very well known to all family members, that I myself have a hard time knowing where my own are, meaning even less where his (and others’) are. But I do remember seeing something looking like a keychain with keys on the kitchen table. Hey presto – what do you know… there they were. Think that nobody else saw them laying there.

16 minutes later the husband texts me that the oldest couldn’t find his computer… I called him asked if he have had a look att “Find my iPhone”? They hadn’t.

Computer found.

To the family I have expressed, and will so again, that I MUST have a personal award AND award night for all the magic I deliver.

We have talked about this before. I claimed there was no magical super powers involved. But now I do believe that there is. The magical mind and eyes of a mother. It must have been the enchanted scalpel put in my belly in 2003 and of course the equally miraculous (and this for sure do have magical effects) laughing gas consumed 2006.

I’ll go practice my surprise face and speech right away.

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