Some crazy shit

Today, October 14, is my birthday and has been for 46 years (meaning I turn 45, on the 46 I actually came out of my mothers womb.

The day didn’t really start well. For the uninitiated it’s important to know that I love birthdays. LOVE. I love the gifts and I love the attention. I know, you are a low life attention seeking hmpf, if you do. But so be it. I love it.

So, THANK YOU, all of you who took them time to send birthdays greetings on social media and texts. An extra thanks to mum, dad and sis who used the old fashion phone to get the message through.

A poor start
A person who didn’t use the phone, to send his wishes for eternal life to his beloved wife was, yes the “oh so magnificent husband, who got a personal tribute the other day on this very blog”. No, you say, why would he. He is you husband and you share beds. Yes, that’s true. But he sleeps in his and doesn’t wake when I say good bye by his side before leaving for work. He does however wake, when I from the bedroom door, wonders if he should get up to meet and greet the coming carpenters, expected any minute.

What he does do, is calling me on my way to work, from our youngest son’s phone, informing me that his didn’t charge over night. That was why he hadn’t woken up himself to be prepared for the carpenters. Did he say – happy birthday. NO, he did not.

What he did was sending me a “Happy birthyday” TEXT (!) exactly 24 minutes later, with the eco effect. My respons was naturally:
Seriously – a text?! offensive emoji, pissed emoji.
Then he blamed the carpenters to be too loud for him call. No further comments. Just icy winds.

Before leaving I had breakfast with my first born. No birthday greeting there. No conversation at all to be honest.

The continuation
The little one (as we call him), clung to my neck with a birthday wish as soon as I met him. He’s my favourite. Or was, until I got the following text, just before coming home:
– Send money 50 SEK (5 euros), I’ll buy a gift.
Me: Don’t bother
Him: Upps, wrong number

Coming home, a gift was found on the kitchen island. I showed the card to my first born. At least he had the decency to be ashamed and giving me a warm hug and a happy birthday. The gift was from a friend (woman) who I might had shared my morning disappointment with. It was a bottle Prosecco and a Marabou chocolate bar. This was all that I needed. Somebody loved me.

The little one came home with a bag of my favourite candy. He was given a distant thank you, and a reminder to send texts to the right person in the future.

The end
But the best was the chat conversation that followed with one of my colleagues when logging on for some minor things.

Me: No stress. I’m gonna eat my birthday dinner with my crappy family (or parts of it) who all forgotten about it…
Colleague: Is it your birthday today?
Me: sure is – 45 years and not a day younger
Colleague: What?! are you kidding me? 
Colleague:: You’re 45?
Colleague:: Seriously?
Colleague: No…
Me: how old did u think I was?
Me: 55? 😉
Colleague: No, I think you and I are more or less the same age, or maybe you even younger
Colleague: I’m 33
Me: Best gift of the day. I’ll screenshot this.
Colleague: No, seriously
Colleague: Happy Birthday to you!!!!
Me: A common mistake I do, I think that everybody is as young/old as I am. It was OK before but now people get offended. If they are younger at least 🙂
Colleague: I wish you to stay always such a kind and open person! Only the best to you!!! Let all your dreams always come true
Colleague: So how old then are you?
Me: Thank you (as a reply to her birthday wishes)
Colleague: if it’s not a secret
Colleague: but I don’t insist
Me: I am 45
Colleague:: no, you’re joking
Me: it’s really not that old
Colleague: it’s not, but you don’t look that age
Colleague: seriously
Me: it depends on what you expect. But that is really nice (of you).
Colleague: I hope you are not offended, I didn’t intend to do that
Me: NOOOOO! I think it is hilarious and naturally I’m pleased. young is good  – for ppl my age
Colleague: Just you really look great and young
Colleague: Honestly. But that’s cool, you know age is just a figure, it’s nothing how we look and how we feel
Me: true that
Colleague: so I wish you always stay as now, coz you really look great!!!
Me: thank you, you can only guess what I looked like in your age (wink)
Colleague: Wish you Happy Birthday!

It is important for you to know, that my colleague is one of the smartest people I have ever met! But her honest surprise was fantastic.

Now, I will go upstairs and look what the husband bought me, else for the MANY foot products (salt, lotion and foot file) and aspirin.

Happy birthday to me. I am apparently gorgeous!

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  1. Annika says:

    Louise! Your funny, humoristic and sarcastic Young, yes, Young Woman. So fun to read your birthday story! I remember inte though, at the time when You and I Were colleagues that you had put my birtdate in your calender AND the age you suspected me to become. 38. And I was 33. So not that funny actually. But no matter what I Owe you my life, everything is because of you. Hope you ended up having a great evening. Sov gott din lilla gris!!! /Annika

    1. louisedock says:

      Terrible, terrible me. Love u 😍

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