It passed us by, without any notice, last Monday. The date when me and the Mr had been an item for a quarter of century! Let me repeat – A QUARTER OF CENTURY! It is crazy. And so much fun.  Every single day he makes me laugh. Every second, he makes me furious.

When we met in my late teens I daydreamed of two boys with him. Never could I imagine we’d get the great ones we’ve gotten (well, well maybe not all the time but that is a separate blog post).

Anyway, I love him very much. We are very alike while we, to semi-quote Jerry McGuire,:  “He completes me”. Stays solid when I’m not (which happens every now and then…), brings me up when I see oh so grey skies.

Let’s go for 25 + years more.

img_9730A good winter Saturday FridayX-mas fixin' continuesvi20111231-211139.jpgHikingIMG_3320DenmarkRobbedimg_9729More pics9

Blue and yellow


27 Oct. 2012 New York NY USA Tobias och Louise gifter sig i New York. Foto:Pontus Höök


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