Is it me, or is it you?

When people don’t like you (or they do like you, but not your viewpoints and what you are saying, but today it’s very hard to differ the person from the matter, so usually they don’t like you. Period).  Anyway, when this happens, I can see two reasons for it:

  1. It could be so that your auras or chemistries (or whatever is making people coincide, or not) collides and clash. Then there is not much you can do about it. If you are married – divorce. If you work together – get a new job. If you are friends – hang out with other friends and if you are Facebook friends –  defriend. Problem solved.
  2. Or it is simply you who are wrong. Not the other person. You find out by looking inwards and analyze. Why do I react like this? What is it with this person’s viewpoints that I dislike and, most importantly -WHY! Explain that to yourself and decide on a consequence. It could possibly still be divorce or defriendship, or it could be so that you realize something new and start to think differently.

What’s most important, is that you, without hate to the other person (hate which consumes oceans of energy you can spend on better things like exercise, kissing you children or sex), go on with your life.

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