Are you one of them?

Apparently, I have become the talk of the town (it’s a small town so you don’t need to worry that hubris will catch me). When the analysis is done, we, me and my crew, come to the conclusion, it is because I’m me (surprise).

Since people never tell me, to my face, what it’s with me they dislike. I can only speculate. And when you let people like me speculate freely, we have a tendency to think it has to do with our awesomeness. An awesomeness that is uncommon in the society where I exist. In my case, it boils down to the fact that I have viewpoints and I “dare” to express them.

Now, I’m not the kind of person who has viewpoints on EVERYTHING (well I do, but I don’t always, believe it or not, express them publicly). So, it can’t be the fact that I have too many viewpoints.

No, what I hear, it’s my viewpoints on equality that many dislike. To be fair I don’t know exactly what it is they dislike about them (since people, as I said before, never express their opinion of me/them directly to me).

The “funny” thing is, if we’d ask these people, the majority of them would probably claim they are all for equality. Which means we’re on the same side. But still, my viewpoints chafe.

Or maybe is it, that I share my viewpoints on equality in a “wrong” way. Once again, I have no idea what they think is the “wrong” way and, naturally, if so, I truly wonder what the “right” way is. And more importantly who decides what that “right” way is. My dislikers? I don’t think so.

Because it can’t be so, can it? That these people are not really interested in true equality, could it? That they are actually preferring the current level of inequality. A world where women are fine to express themselves as long as it is to a level and in way, that is approved by men.

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Hi Louise, I have views on equality that others don’t like too. I beleive that all people are equal in value, just because they exist in this world. I beleive in equal opportunity, in that we are free to go for whatever endeavour we wish to succeed.
    May the most competent person rise to the top.
    I do not beleive in equity, which is equality of outcome. I.e. there needs to be 50% women in all positions, functions and leadership.
    Why not equal number of black people?
    Handicapped people? Lgbt etc people?
    Chinese speakers? Redheads? Intersectional feminism, when taken to the limit, fractionates us down to individuals.
    We are all individuals, with different gifts, skills and drawbacks. We need to be judged, promoted, hired, fired on our individual qualities as they pertain to the task at hand.
    Anything else is identity politics.

    1. louisedock says:

      And I believe that we have the same basic value independent of what gender (incl. trans) we identify with/belong to and we must not be judge differently based on that. The preferences we have should not be limited to the gender we identify us with. It should not be better or worse to be of any gender.

      For me, that is very different from having skills, knowledge etc that is necessary to perform certain tasks. These can come in different sizes to us all. But that has nothing to do with equality for me.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Then how do we differ?

    1. louisedock says:

      Maybe we don’t

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