Happiness in different forms and shapes

Like in the form of a spherical object. Just ask the man I met 20 some years ago (and joined, if not in holy, matrimony three years ago). I know he loves me and our offsprings more than anything. No questions asked.

But there is one thing that at times, brings him more happiness, than the three of us combined. And that is football/soccer.

I can see it. And I can feel it. The energy around him when he gets the chance to take his somewhat stiff body and join a game. And in his eyes, the sparkle (you can’t see it in the picture as his eyes ar shut…), when he leaves the pitch.

He loves the game, he loves the team, he loves the environment.

How good it is to see someone you love be so happy. It is true what they say: Happiness shared is happiness doubled.

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