35 and counting

Friends is what the soul requires once in a while. I know I have said it before but it is worth saying again, thank the world for friends.

Had, almost on the minute, 24 hrs with Mrs P, once known as Ms W and Mrs W, once known Ms J, both dating back from my childhood (pre self-income) from the past (yes, the past, the days of yore, close to medieval seen from our children’s perspective).

It is good. Around them I am what I am. Not what I have achieved (or not achieved). I am not necessarily the one who I once was, but they have a pretty good 360 degree view of me (incl. the spots I try very hard to forget and/or cover) and they are still here.

I wouldn’t say we agree on all aspects of life but we share many of the same basic values, which provides us with the ability to accept one another anyway.

Let’s go for another 35 years!



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