For many people it is action that is the missing factor. They know exactly what they should do, “if only”. One could describe them in a negative manner like people not having the balls to get their shit together and do something about their lives. I would probably describe them as “scared”. It is hard to let go of what is known and safe. It demands great efforts to make a change.

For me the problem starts way before action. Since 2010 I have time and time again fallen into periods of reflection. Where my otherwise very positive self get quite introvert and low. Where the last thing I care to talk about is fashion (like I ever do?), interior design, or any other topics that could be classified as superficial and therefore fit perfect in any Facebook feed (maybe this is why I currently ditest Facebook). I have during the holiday gotten myself into one of these periods. It might be that we are ending one year and the beginning a new. Or it is just so that these periods happens to happen at the same time. It doesn’t really matter.

I do not get scared by these periods, since underneath my outer (probably quite normal) reflection there is a constant throng of thoughts, valuations and decisions. And I know that this is were my development starts. I need to do this get on with my life. To have the possibility to take a new actions to continue to develop myself and find my way of happiness.

So I am considering (no I do not, I have already decided) to use this blog to ventilate my thoughts of my next step. Open to people to suggest what in the world I should do with my life.

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