For many people it is action that is the missing factor. They know exactly what they should do, “if only”. One could describe them in a negative manner like people not having the balls to get their shit together and do something about their lives. I would probably describe them as “scared”. It is hard to…

Today’s learning

Today I once again got it thrown in my face. The knowledge to never wait and that action is everything. Whatever you feel or know. Do it. Because tomorrow it can be too late.


In a previous post I mentioned that I/we need to get started to get going to where we want to be. So today I did. With extreme fast and unexpected results. Exciting – yes. Scary – definitely. But at least we are on our way.

Rush hour Skottorp

Once in while the freeway traffic between Sweden’s second and third largest cities gets re-directed via our village. This morning is such a day. Most probably caused by an accident or snowdrifts making the freeway too insecure to drive on. It’s days like this, when it becomes imperative to me that I need something more…

The power of man

Yesterday I witnessed something powerful. At Parken arena, with 50.000 waiting for Coldplay to start one of our friends decided: “He was strating a wave”. Said and done, with the help of us other 7 he started and after a while it continued. And shortly the ENTIRE Parken arena did it. Fantastic. As I have…