Election and Mother’s day

Today I have used my constitutional right (no, not obligation – I mean right) to vote for the European parliament. As always it was extremely important for me to vote. And extremely hard. Who to vote for?

I found some key issues that I think is important that the EU drives, that we need to drive and develop together and I was looking at the different parties and their candidates. Who was thinking like me in these key issues, then I settled for a candidate that I was close to mine.

Today it it also Mother’s day in Sweden. When I woke up there was no children in our home since they were staying at my parent’s due to yet another fab 40-year birthday party. The Mr was caught off guard about this celebration… It might sound like an excuse, but I am very lucky and very spoiled the other 364 days a year to, so although I wouldn’t be sad if a gift was handed  over, I do not care that there wasn’t.

We spent an hour in the late afternoon almost all alone at the beach. The boys went for their first dip in the ocean – brrrr – and enjoyed the sand on the beach. I love that summer is here.







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