The power of development

Change is often foreseen as scary. The usual assessment is: change brought by others are is more scary then the one you inflict by your self. But I wonder.

How many times have we not ducked when a chance of change have knocked on the door and we have let it pass with a number of “well-thought” arguments. When you say yes to try something new, it will bring out both new powers in and possibilities for yourself, that you weren’t even aware of (it really doesn’t matter how much of an abstract thinker you are).

These new possibilities is guaranteed to lead you into development.

The best part of it all, you might enjoy it, not just a little but to a level that you couldn’t imagine and leading you to fun and energizing situations.

It’s become clear to me that I, for some reason, have been an addict of security. It is safe but it is also grey, more grey then an November morning in Sweden. I once “lectured” our oldest fick picking too many of an unknown candies to his Saturday’s treat with a: “You might not like them”. His reply: “True, but I might just love them.”

Remember, you will not know until you tried and if it was some years ago you tried, try again. I am happy I got the chance to try out something new and grateful for the people providing me with the chance.

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