This happy stuff

Currently I am failing miserably at this “happy” thing. I do have short highs, but something brings me down all too fast.

This is nothing new. This is how life (mine) is and one gotta continue to live. Personally I need to find some new truths and adjust my world to something that it clearly is not the way I thought it was.

It is good that I still live by the fact that everything will turn out fine. It will.

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  1. I am reading “The Happiness Trap” by Russ Harris. His book is recommend by many psychologists. Might help you.

    1. louisedock says:

      Thanks for the tip Flamingo Dancer. I will have a check. However, I think that my personal goal to strive for happiness is in line with Mr Harris (without reading). The happiness I strive for is my happiness not society’s perception of it (which I think is the reality for many) it is a very personal and more of a state of mind.

      But, I like all others, have days or periods where things are tough. When people you love go through hardship and you are, for moment, lost how you will sort it out.

      The huge difference is that my goal for happiness is my lead for how to handle it and what pulls me forwards.

      On the other side I think I can become even better at accepting these time of hardship and see it as part of my strive for my happiness rather than something standing in my way.

  2. It will be fine! And you will too!

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