Flabbergasted, my all-time favorite English word. I think it is the “gas” thing, makes me all giggly.

Anyway, flabbergasted is the only way to describe my current emotion.

I am flabbergasted of what people (yes, human DNA) are not only prepared to do to other people, they actually goes off and do it.

And I am not even thinking of people in extreme situations, like wars, who are under intense stress or pressure. I am not thinking of psychological ill people (or at least I do not think I am), who looses grip and drowns kittens.

No, I am flabbergasted of the actions of people living in an outmost safe, to not say, boring society. Who has jobs, which some even might call a career. Who earn, not a fortune, but well above both a Swedish teacher and nurse.

Their actions and methods, but foremost reasons for their actions, becomes so tragic, so pathetic that I almost wish that something terrible would happen to them. So they can understand that there is so much more important things in life than to put hardship on other people’s lives.

What they need is bushels and barrels of perspective.

If you are one of these people, shame, SHAME on YOU.

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  1. I like flabbergasted too!

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