Crying just thinking about it

Today I got a tip about CISV, Children’s International Summer Villages. An global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building inter-cultural friendship, cooperation and understanding.

As an ex exchange student (twice acctually), I would love my children to do this kind of thing. Although Sam is already set to go to Australia at 16, and Fabian will take on Hollywood after he has kicked off his soccer shoes in Barcelona FC (in Man U the days he wants to make his daddy happy). With CISV they have programs for younger children as well. Already from 11….

I do want my children to see themselves as world citizens and do not limit them selves in any way and I see programs like these fantastic. I know, from self experience that you become more secure of yourself, you appreciate what you do have more and above all, you become so much more open to differences.

This do not stop me from getting a knot of anxiety, placed just above solar plexus and have my eyes tearing up. I do not want my babies to leave me/us (read grow-up). And I combine it with a super bad conscience that I do not call my parents often enough. Not even close. The same fate will haunt me.



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