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As a communicator content has become the far most important thing since social media broke through. Personally, I often find the content I get in touch with to be so boring, irrelevant and has always just the one aim, to sell, sell sell. I know that the economical system is what it is and we (=humanity) needs to sell as much as possible to be able to purchase as much as possible. Because the person with the most expensive things wins.

And even if de-influencing is coming along (I’m not into the business model of it) it still feels like it’s not going to break through, even if the world of “influencers” is larger than the number of human beings on this earth. De-influencing also is a direct contradiction to P.T. Barnum’s:

“’There’s no such thing as bad publicity,”

And I believe he was right. But why not use the good story? That is there, because it is true and good. Not something you angle to get it right. Only just because it is a good story.

Like, this guy, Nial, a former alcoholic who got an epiphany while being quite bad into it and got himself together and now saves dogs in Thailand. On his Instagram just shares what he does. No filters, no microphones, no editing. Nothing looking better than it is. His content and work, which is quite mundane to be honest, is about feeding the dogs and getting short daily updates. It’s quite repetitive and far form picture perfect looking. His interaction with people on a individual level is low, to not say nonexistent, and he has no intention of changing this or any other of his ways.

But what he does in the long run is creating a longterm relationship with the us, the viewers, and him and especially his dogs and their progress. It’s beautiful. It is authentic.

This is the only type of content I’d like in my feed. It’s slow and it does good. He receives donations to keep him going and I pray to God he doesn’t live in a mansion using the money for anything else than his dogs and the basics for himself.

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  1. I love this
    This is a refreshing take on content creation. It’s heartwarming to see that there are people who are advocating for authenticity and purposeful content. Kudos to Nial for his genuine efforts and dedication to help dogs in Thailand.

    1. louisedock says:

      I fukkyt agree. Authenticity has been on the table for a long time but I don’t really see it happening.

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