What’s the difference?

Isn’t it strange? That we encourage some with their dreams but not others? Why is it OK to become a doctor or a lawyer, but very seldom we don’t greet people with the same enthusiasm when someone says they what to pursue a career in basketball or become a painter?

When those ambitions are mentioned out loud, you hear: “Oh, that’s tough!” “That will require A LOT of work” “You mustn’t get your hopes up”.

Why?! WHY do people say that? What if you said that to a person who wanted to be a plumber, nurse or teacher? Do you realize how stupid the person would sound.

Yes, I’m fully aware that, statistically, it is harder to get to a place where your can live off your soccer player income (especially when you are a woman…), compared to an electrician. But be able to become the best lawyer in the world is probably not as easy as we hope it would be.

And one thing I’m sure of. If you can’t dream it. You can’t do it. So dream on all you LeBron Jameses Harders and and Sjöströms out there! No matter what people say.

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