The art of conversation

It’s said that Swedes suck at it. Conversations. You know the short ones with strategers, in a public environment. People you never will meet again, but if you take your time to listen him/her can provide you with wisdoms maybe not changing you but develop yourself.

For two weeks I haven’t had a smartphone. During these week I have learnt so much about myself, and a more to come as it, what I can understand, it will take another two weeks before it will be returned. I have learned that my everyday economy is highly dependent on my smart phone, transactions to myself and others. Social media is fun, but not important. I interact more with people when I don’t have my phone, which have led to me realizing and appreciating very much more. Yesterday on the train I talked to one young man from Ukraine who taught me how bad war is and how many of kids of today (at least in our society) will have it rough in the future because they are not used to go the extra mile to get things. The company of a woman on my way home reminded me that humans of today are cowards. Not uplifting, but for sure good for me to get reminded about.

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