Is it even possible? As a non believer or/and practitioner of any of the major (or minor for that matter) religious groups to be part of an epiphany?

Of course it is, I just had one, a major one.  Epiphanies of my own beliefs and new possible ways to look and improve myself.

Listening to Josè Gonzalezradio talk I found out the following things

  1. I’m smart
  2. There are so many smarter people out there in the world (I put no valuation in this, it’s just facts)
  3. There are so many other less smart people (once again no valuation) out there
  4. There are more layers and dimensions of a person then you might see.
  5. Be respectful of point no. 4
  6. I need to get back on my track to live my life to its fullest. To make conscious decisions.

Thank you Josè. Thank you.

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