We R in

No news anymore, but for me, who uses this blog as a personal diary need to write it down for my own sake. When I’m old I will sit and enjoy all my posts and pics. And remember all the good and bad (but for sure a majority of good, because that is who I am, a person focusing on the positives) times my life gave me.

Anyway, on Thursday June 30 at 07.10 a.m, five adults and three children started to pack a huge truck (a smaller one and our own cars) with all our stuff (organized in banana crates) and furniture. Lifting, carrying, bending, sweating. At 08.44 I gave the signal to the MR that it was OK to move in.

Some minutes after 11.00 we were done. After a second round with the big and small trucks we were in. All thanks to great people (it wouldn’t be possible without you).

A week later we still have a small amount of chaos and unpacked banan crates. But this will change. All in due time.

This is now home and I’m loving it.


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