It has been a while. A little more than a week since the upcoming presence of Jessica (my PT) raised my anxiety during the morning walk with the dog.

But today she was here again and it was up for some more moves in the garden. I was close to tears when she cheered me on for the last repetitions of the morning. Not only because it was the last things I needed to do, but because it was so clear that my shoulders are soooo weak.

Over 40 years old and can barley walk in an up-right position, let alone push a 4 (or was it 2) k weight up in the air while in a side plank position…


People are looking at skinny and fit, but what about strength? And not only to “feel” strong. To BE strong. To give your body the fair circumstances to handle your life.

No I’m not sad, nor do I feel sorry for myself. I am pissed, for treating by body in such a poor way.


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