Amazing, or things you realize when you’re moving

It’s amazing. If it is “amazing fantastic” or “amazing weird” I will not even consider at this time. But the amazing fact is that I have:

1. Saved a shoebox full of notes (handwritten only).

2. All notes were written during classes of my freshman year in high-school.

3. We signed notes with strange alias like Fatwoman, 3×1, Super idol

4. They all carry a typical “attic” smell 

5. It is clear that many of us would have been extremely much better at math, English, science etc etc if we had spent our time practicing the subject at hand rather than sending (looooooong) notes to one another about boys, other class-mates, the teachers inability to teach and/or how boring the class was (preferably all combined in one note, making it pretty hard to understand 25 years later). 

But amazing it still is and how wonderful  youth was. Like now, but different.  

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