Currently I am quite low on my “best people in the world”-list and I usually top that one.

BUT at today’s session (session 2) with my fab PT Jessica at Pure Living I learnt the hard way about the importance of “snacks”. Snacks as the in-between meals meal one (I) need if I’m about to exercise. Now, in my defense, it was two years since I regularly exercised so it might simply be so that I had forgotten about it. And my regular exercise (the one from two years ago) was running, not saying that you wouldn’t need a snack before my 5 k runs, but I do believe I empty myself more during these functional trainings Jessica takes me through.

So after 40 min my body gave up (and I listened to it). I was not proud, but learned the hard way that if you don’t want to be a quitter you eat your afternoon snack. And if I forget about it again, I guess I’m the kind of person that Forrest Gump’s mama talks about.


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