Cold from hell

I felt it already Thursday, Friday the same but not worse. Saturday better. Sunday totally shitty (including the loss of my voice). Monday, the little I have felt -even worse. 

The cold has passed through every part of my ENT-region. Especially the T and now the E regions. And let’s not forget the H-region. My head is hurting like hell… Poor, poor me.

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  1. Yvonne says:

    Yeah. We had what is being called “the plague “. Three days of 39C fever, no energy and a really bad cough .then a week or two to get back to normal. Half of the workplace has had it. What’s with these bugs from hell?

    1. louisedock says:

      Yes, the cough, the COUGH. I guess the hell symbolism is actually to have people like me coughing all night. Went down to the living room this night to spare the Mr the a ride to hell… Today I am semi-back making some hours infront of the computer.
      The plague is probably a good name. 50 out of 150 pupils at the kids school have been down…

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