Being a woman

Today March 8, International women’s day I want to clarify some things.

Women are great. Period. Men are also great. Full stop. Do I think that men are superior women? – No. And neither do I think that women are superior men. There are differences between the sexes, that’s awesome. The sad part is that the general characteristics too often are valued by society as pros or cons.

I believe that a day like to today, when we note that there still are inequality between the sexes causes no harm. It’s a day to remember the ones that long before us have fought for equal rights. But I do not need to hear, on this specific day, that I am so valuable, so great, or (behold) so much better than men. I am far more interested do be treated with respect and equality the other 364 days.

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  1. the20sdiary says:

    Great point, the implication that women are better than men is more damaging than it is productive xx

    1. louisedock says:

      I know. I find that comment very unnecsessary. It’s like the person has missunderstood the whole thing about equality. It is not about being better, it about being who you are and not being valued.

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