The verdict

There is no way that I will tell you, whether the 50 shades film was any good or not. For the simple reason I can not tell you anything.

However, I will tell you that I thought it was good, I didn’t get disappointed (I think that script writers who get the task of writing scripts based on novels have improved immensely over the last years. I have lately seen other films based on novels and haven’t been disappointed in the same ay as I used to be). But for sure it must be different to see the movie without having read the books. I do not know what I would think of it if I wouldn’t have the books as a guideline.

I thought the photo was great and the sensual parts of the film was very tasteful. I also thought (without any knowledge to what makes a good and not good actor/actress) Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan did a really good job in their characters (one of the trailers made me think otherwise…)

Will you like it? I for sure do not know. It depends. Of who you are. And independent if you do or you don’t it won’t make me, or you, a better, or worse, person.

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