Am I the only one?

The middle age female population, myself included, and media (and most probably a number of producers) in the western world are holding their breath. The premiere date of “Fifty shades” is getting closer.

Personally I have ordered tickets for the 12:th February. Yes, I have read all three books, yes I enjoyed them andå no, I am not interested in S&M. Quite frankly I am a very boring person and non-adventures both in “that field” and in general (e.g. I get dizzy walking close to an edge).

Anyway, people not very well informed of the books have the notion of the film (and books) are a pornographic deep dive. Yes, there were sections in the books describing some of the areas of S&M, but that was not the plot or what drove the story forward. If you wanted to get educated in the area of S&M I believe there are a wast range of better books (and/or films) to take part of.

What made me stretch read all three books the winter of 2014 was the love story. What intrigued me was not the nipple clamps, it was if, and in what way, these two people, who obviously had fallen for each other, would live happily after.

It is a classic love story, sure with a sensual tension to it, a very tasteful tension. But it is still a love story, or have I gotten it all wrong?

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  1. yolomoments12 says:

    In the my country only 1 cinema is viewing the movie hopefully I could watch it because I heard a lot from my friends about this book.

    1. louisedock says:

      I am afraid that the movie will disappoint me (which can happen when a film is made from a book. I for sure will let you know 🙂

      1. yolomoments12 says:

        Yes please, it would be great if you have a movie review in this movie. I’ll wait for that . Thanks 😉

      2. yolomoments12 says:

        Can i ask a favor from you? Can you edit my comment in your about page and remove the link that i comment? Thanks 🙂

      3. louisedock says:

        Absolutely. Do you want me to remove the entire comment or just the link?

      4. yolomoments12 says:

        just the link please. Thanks 🙂

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