Sorry, I was wrong

Last week I said I knew what hell was like. I was sure it was like a playland. It won’t be. It will be like Hamleys. At least like the Hamleys on Regent Street on a Saturday afternoon.

I am facinated. And torn. Because neither Hamleys or the Toy Kingdom at Harrods are anything like the toy stores we have in Sweden. Our toy stores are very bleak in comparison. Really very bleak. Walking into Harrods or Hamleys is like an adventure where you are swooshed into the magical world of toys. Staff showing you the toys, playing with you and other colleagues (in a non sexual way, we are talking about children here…) making the toys really, really fun. In other way great retailing that I would like se Swedish stores to copy, it is for the kids after all.


The tempo, the intensity, the HERDS of people there is on a Saturday afternoon just wanted me to slash my wrists right in front of my beloved children. I think we gave them a 45 minutes in there, I was ready to leave after 2. The co-workers who MUST be under some influence to manage their job.

So hell will be like Hamleys on Regent street London.

As a matter of fact, being employed at Hamleys must be the BEST contraceptive of all time. And I believe that if you ever have been an employee you get a free ticket to the heavenly afterlife as you already done your fair share.

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