Today, it is father’s day in Sweden.

I do not support commercial happenings. I love my father, mother, children and other dear ones everyday and not because the retailing industry tells me to. But I do not dislike the fact that we should appreciate one another, I just hope we do it more than once a year.

And today I am happy to have a great father. Yes, he was one of those who worked much, not in a office, but as an entrepreneur with his business base at home, which lead to the fact that I saw him quite much. He is a person which I am greatly admire and who has influenced me. In some aspect we are a like, while we in other instances we are far, far away from each other. Even so I still respect him as he respects me (even he needs to tell me, and all others, that his opinion is the right one).

The other man I tribute is naturally my husband. He is the way he is, he to. And that is exactly why I love him. He, to quote Michael Bolton – “he completes me”. Hi is my ying and my yang. My perspective when I lack it.

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