Wor(l)d of wisdom

Today I have been granted the pleasure of meeting several words of wisdom.

One was delivered from my colleague, who is starting her fast as of tomorrow. She had a really interesting approach to hunger and actually all other feelings our body and mind encounters. But more important how we can meet these feelings.

“It is just a feeling, I decide what I will do with it and how to act on it.” Just absolutely freaking perfect for anykind of urge to eat, or stop running, or become pissed to a stupid comment etc. the power is within me.

The second one come from a four/five year old girl, retold by her father who also is a colleague.; “It is hard not to be good.” Yes, it sure is and especially with that outlook on life. You go girl.

The final one came for my man. Exactly what he said to me I will save for another day. But his comment made me remember that there is no other man for me. I am truly grateful that I apparently am such a fabulous person who have the possibility to keep this fine specimen. No, seriously, what we have is greater then love and I will never forget (only during smaller inconsistencies) what he has just done for me.

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