What is important

Strange, huh, how life changes. Or how life changes you. And thank G*d for that. But still, how inefficient it is that we do not know what we know at 80 already at 20. Life would have been so much easier for that 20 year old.

But it starts to hit me now, when touching 40, that, this is what life is about! To find out stuff as we go.

I am/was the kind of person that want and thought life would be a road, pretty progressive, to a place and when you got to that place, say around 28,  thereafter everything is constant. You know everything, you and nothing will change. Yes, very naive, especially since I have children, then it is very clear that things change all the time.

But it is very clear that what is important for you changes for you. For example a constant inflow of money or the freedom to do what ever you want. No necessarily needed to be put in paradox, but often so.




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