1st week of vacation – check

So, my first week of vacation have come to an end. We started strong with our wedding-/birthday-party. Mixed some days of absolutely nothing (and I mean nothing) with days like the beach day, with more days that we done absolutely nothing, with days like today when we went to the neighboring peninsula to do some around the corner touristing. The good thing is that there are not many of us who have vacation = not much people out and about.

Our day at Kullahalvön was mixed. A visit and half lunch at THE swedish vineyard (we only have one), where the Mr tasted their wines (I did have a sip to). They had two. Some walking about around the nature reserve and a visit to the Naturum museum, where the little one who thought that this trip was going to be the most boooooooooooooring one, almost couldn’t leave the local marina petting zoo…

We went shopping at Höganäs design outlet buying some clothes to the Mr and the kids (no, not me. An everyday summer dress doesn’t really count), a dip in Höganäs harbor. I must say that that municipality really have a good thing going. The harbor/marina was really nice, with a lot of things to do, great deck to swim from, a good beach, playground for small and older children, public bbqs, restaurants etc etc. Really a place where you could be together.

We kept on going down to Helsingborg, where we had reserved tables at Sillen and Markrillen (the herring and the mackerel), where more food was consumed and for me some wine.

Back home my purchase from this morning awaited. I have switched from Photoshop to Lightroom. I tried it some time ago. But only got confused. A teacher at my children’s school convinced me that I had to change. Today was the day. And what a treat it was. Good decision. I managed to do some editing during the morning and all in all it resulted in a much better, much faster and with a much better end result.


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