Seriously Handelsbanken & pedophiles, serioulsy

Do you see the picture in my header.  I can’t, thanks to pedophiles and other sick people, I use on my debit card. A picture of my own children and a great memory from a fantastic day.

It apparently contains provocative, sexual or nude motives.

I do not want any child to be exposed to abuse, what so ever. And I will get over this as well. But aweeeee, it does’t help to be a good guy in this world. 

And as an little extra, Handelsbanken did there great effort to contact me, via their internal mailbox, which I need to log in to my bank and find, among 51 other unread mails about thing that I will do with out, that I must choose another picture. 

Love u Handelsbanken (not).

And to all u sick people put there, have a look and rot in the fact that you are sick, sick, sick. Why not take a freaking grip of your distorted life and get some help.

Can’t really help but wondering how many who find this post are one of those disgusting people, just s you know I loathe and pitty you.

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