It is only a couch

Today, finally, we ordered our couch… buying couches is not as easy as one might think.

A while back one found one we liked. But after strange selling tactics from the sales reps and incorrect measurements, we gave it up…

So today me and the Mr went again to a new retailer and gave it a try. We (I, as someone else is just not thinking right) had planned for what combination we should have. Now, it was more or less just to try it out to secure its comfortability.

So, we thought at least. But the sales rep showed us some more alternatives. And to be honest, we opened up for that.

Before we were done we had gotten into one quarell (which the sales rep also handled with proffessionalism. Gee they must have seen it all) and I was only half pleased with the model, the measurements and the colour.

But I decided, more from a martyr perspective, that was only couch. A somewhat expensive one, that most probably will stay with us for a decade or so. But still just a couch.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Malin Lidström says:

    Congrats to a decision!

    1. louiseinskottorp says:

      Well thank u. 😀

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