On the way forward

Isn’t strange how, when you start looking, you start seeing… Do I make sense? During our first session, my coach told me that creativity feeds creativity. When you allow yourself, when you take time to start thinking about things, thoughts and ideas just keeps on coming.

Yesterday a creative friend of mine brought me along to to a regional development seminar. The day ways probably mainly intended for people working within the municipality or the destination business, but as always ideas can be created anywhere. One of the guest speakers was a well know Swedish economy professor and I felt his presentation was 100% directed to me personally. Somewhat repeating what my coach and I talked about and naturally this made me convinced that my path is right. And it does feel good that an economy professor told me (indirectly) that everything is going be just fine.

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  1. Forestad says:

    Ja det är klart att allt kommer att bli


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