No wonder people get stressed

I went to the my client’s office a while back. It doesn’t happen often. Thank God Covid19 taught us to work from a distance. One of the reasons I don’t visit the office is that the team I work with the most doesn’t sit there. Thereto it’s 1,5 hrs away (train or car) from my home. It’s just too much efficiency loss to go there on a daily basis. Not to talk about how much the work life balance would be slaughtered if one had to commute this distance on a regular basis. Yes, I know I’m blessed and privileged.

That’s me. I like to be close to home. I don’t have a issue with delivering and I don’t have a problem to turn off work when not there (which I only am for 24 hrs/week) . My colleague on the other hand he liked the routine of going to the office. He didn’t have the commute which naturally makes the threshold lower, but he also like the frame it provides him. That’s cool, we are all different.

Photo credit: Jason Briscoe Unsplash

During our conversation we came into the topic laundry. You know, things you can do when working from home. We slid into the folding part of the laundry, where I and the Mr many times, not always, but many times delegate this to our kids. And has done for a while. I mean they are not mensa but there is some kind of brain activity and manage. The fact that I don’t know who’s underwear is who’s also makes it easier for all. For us it’s both teaching them how to run a home and allows us to split the everyday chores. Here I found out that some people/parents don’t do that. OK? Because they don’t think older children should take part of the household chores? Or because their children are too small? No, apparently because the children fold the clothes in the “wrong way”.

Let me contemplate.

So, you rather be stressed about all the things you need to handle than get your panties folded “wrong” and clothing sorted? I’m thinking if you have a strict folding routine, own it and pass it on to your children. Let them learn how you want it. Good lesson in life in general to learn and consider other peoples viewpoints.

Sure this family might let there children do other part of the household, like changing winter tires. But something tells me, there is a perfect home and life to defend. No wonder stress eats people from within.

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