What’s right?

Photo credit: Matt Bowden -Unsplash

I read something in an Instagram post or somewhat and again it struck me how anxious we (humans) are to do wrong, or to not do right. That in combination of the illusion of control, makes life, in my opinion, very unnecessary hard and complex.

I remember going to a coach at a time when I was in need for help to not become run-down and I got the most simple advice. “How would you like to do it Louise?”.

That question really changed my life. My way of doing things are probably just as good as anyone else’s. They are not exactly how anyone else would do it. Sometimes worse. If it is important for someone that something is exactly the way they want to have it, then it is also their responsibility to inform me how they want it and then one can discuss if there is any room for personal touches or not.

The question/advise was given in the context of my professional life. But I do believe it is relevant for your life as a whole. Do stuff the way you believe is right – disclaimer – as long as your intention isn’t to hurt/harm other people and/or creatures. Don’t look at your friends what they are doing. Don’t look at your parents what they would like you to do. And for God’s sake don’t look at social media.

And thereto a final piece of advice – you can’t control life. You can’t even control a Tuesday in November. You might think that you can. You might think that all Tuesdays (or any day of the week) will look like the days before. It could. But it might not. And that’s OK. That’s what life is all about. Life is a rollercoaster. Bring family and friends with you and everything will be just fine.

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