What’s a job really?

This week I have once again see that how people’s views on things can be really different. Which of course is ok. I guess what is important is that we all respect that our own view doesn’t fit all.

Wether its age and wisdom or just something else that made me realize that a job (or in my case an assignment,) is just something I do as I need to pay my bills, pay the mortgage so I have somewhere to live (as I write this I realize that we would be so much more free if we could live in a house without paying for it), pay for gas so I can drive Fabbe to Ängelholm four times a week etc etc.

Of course I want my job/assignment to be “fun”, meaning I want to feel I can contribute with my knowledge, experience and capabilities, to be able to interact and exchange thoughts to get to a better result . And maybe, once in a while have a good laugh. BUT I don’t have any expectations that a job/assignment should provide me with anything (more than pay). Self-worth and meaning are two things I don’t expect from a job. No, a job for me is where I produce and get money in return.

This is nothing new. This became apparent for me when I stared to have a business on my own. A business who’s purpose is to provide me with enough cash so I can work as little (or as much) as I feel like. But I also remembered when I wanted to find a job that provided me with that meaning. And I don’t say that people can’t have it. I say, that I haven’t found it and I’m not looking for it either. Because what really is important for me, is my life. The things that happens outside the hours I produce things for money. This life is so important I want to minimise the time I spend at work.

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