The joy of a painless tricep dip

I’ve always been active. Never with the intent to become the best in anything, just better and to be active. There were some years when the kids where smaller and when I didn’t prioritize movement. But I jogged/lumbered 3- 4 km a couple of times a week. This was the time when I did first and few 10 k races (and one half marathon). There was also a time (apparently around the time I started my company when reading old blog post, such a treat to have them when memory fails) when I probably didn’t do more exercise than walk the dog. But even so, my self image is that I am an active (if not sporty) person.

When Fabian was maybe around three, that means 12 years ago, I started to get a pain in my shoulder. I later got the diagnosis impingement, and at the time I went to both doctors and physiotherapist, with very little help (and it was not their fault, I probably didn’t do the exercises they told me to), I also got a cortisone injection, with absolutely no effect.

When I started to work out with my PT back in 2016 my goal was to get rid of the pain in my shoulder. I didn’t notice the shoulder issue to improve especially, but there were so many other benefits and after a while I did notice my shoulder getting better, even if was far from good.

In May last year I got an inflammation in the area where the impingement was and I decided after rehab to take another cortisone injection. Just like last time not much of the injection improved my shoulder issue. But since then, I have noticed that my shoulder and tennis elbow (which is another reoccurring issue) have become better and during last fall when I swung my left arm and realized that there were not much, if any, pain left. I had a hard time believing this as I my brain was expecting there to be a certain amount of pain. Did I dare to call myself symptom free?

And then yesterday, when the Mr (who I have lured to tag along to my PT sessions when he has the opportunity) and I were told (by the PT) to do tricep bench dips for 40 sec. I was skeptical to if my shoulder would make it and asked for a replacement exercise.

Lo and behold – the exercise went perfect no pain (in my shoulder, my triceps is another story) what so ever and even better, with no backlashes this morning.

For me, it has become even more important and clear that the reason for my exercise is to be strong and painless today as well as forty years from now. And to be in in forty years I must start now.

Image: Philippe Leone – Unsplash

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