So, the last day of this year is FINALLY here. The year has been OK. Sure, we haven’t travelled and we haven’t met that many friends. The number of dinner parties and AWs has been very few to none. But in the end that doesn’t matter. What matters is out health, our own and the ones around us. And the friends we have, are still our friends. And let’s see this from the positive side. Our non-existing traveling, made it possible for all the others who HAD to do so. Without us there were no crowds and more hand sanitizers available for them.

With that said, I would be lying if I claim that the pandemic could continue. The only thing I don’t want to bring back is office hours. I love to work from home.

Instead of reflecting and sharing all the images I already shared via social media, I used the morning to analyze our household economy. What our costs have we had (and how have they increased) since 2014. I could draw the conclusion fixed interest rates for your mortgages is not beneficial to your economy – surprise. Teenagers affect the the grocery account a lot and we must go through our insurances… what are we insure against.

I also cleaned out cloud storage, computer hard drive and social media accounts. I looked through my life vision and realize it must be revised. even if I do updated it every year, the basis of it feels very distant to who I am today. So that I will do 2021.

Other than that? Will I bring up the courage to delete my Facebook account (I already downloaded everything I have uploaded and I haven’t posted anything new). Instagram will hang on to a little bit more. My New Years resolution is to become more accepting of the idiots who occupies this world, e.g the ones who must shoot fireworks at 3.00 pm.

All the best and bring on 2021!


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