Ego boost from the 16 year old

From last year’s trip to Dublin

I saw below at my friends blog, and thought it was a fun thing to do. If I remember correctly I’ve done a similar once before.

I’ll do it with both of my (yeah yeah our) boys. First out is my 16-year old. His answer to no. 13 made me so proud I started crying. Yes, I love you to death my son, even if your attitude last night made it tough. On the other hand, as I take no bullshit, from you or anyone else, we are back on speaking terms today.

  1. What does your mom always say to you?
    “Behave! Just kidding, that she loves me.”
  2. What makes mom happy?
    “To spend time with her children.
    (Editor’s note: True that!)
  3. What makes mom sad?
    “When her children behave like asses.”
    (Editor’s note: True that!)
  4. How does your mom make you laugh?
    “When she jokes about funny things.”
    (Editor’s note: I really don’t get this, I ONLY joke about funny things)
  5. How was your mom as a child?
    “Good question. Probably the kid who couldn’t sit still but got good grades anyhow. No, I have no idea.”
    (Editors note: No, I was very well behaved and I got very good grades.)
  6. How old is your mom?
    (Editors note: Correct for 4 more moths.)
  7. How tall is your mom?
    “172 cm”
    (Editors note: and a half if we are to be picky).
  8. What is mom’s favorite activity?
    “Cleaning – just kidding. Spending time with her family”
    (Editors note: spot on).
  9. What’s your mother good at?
    “Conversations – talk AND listen.
  10. What is your mother not so good at?
    “So much to choose from 😀, not to be embarrassing.”
  11. What does your mom work with?
    Marketing, advertising, photographer. She has her own company.
    (Editors note: communication strategist, degree in marketing though).
  12. What is mom’s favorite food?
    “Spaghetti bolognese.”
    (Editors note: probably to cook, sounds very unsophisticated.)
  13. Why are you proud of your mother?
    She doesn’t take any bullshit!”
    (Editors note: Sobbing out loud, couldn’t be more proud)
  14. If your mother was a cartoon character, who would she be?
    “Wonder woman”
    (Editors note: I’m fucking fantastic)
  15. What do you and your mom do together?
    “Talk, cook (every now and then) and hang out”
  16. What is similar to you and your mother?
    The color of our hair, how we looked when we were young, stubborn, animal lovers and like to socialize with people.”
  17. What is different between you and your mother?
    “Physical strength, she’s also smarter than me (a little skeptical but it might be true).”
  18. How do you know that mom loves you?
    “She says it every day. Nonstop.”

    (Editors note: and show it too I’d like to add)
  19. What is your mom’s favorite place? Where she likes to go?
    “The sofa.”
    (Editors note: True that)
  20. When do you think your mother is embarrassing?
    Always :), especially when she talks about stuff that others don’t want to hear.

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