Democracy and Covid-19


It’s impossible to have a blog and not mention Corona/Covid-19. Although this blog has a very low activity, my brain hasn’t. I have been thinking quite a lot on the virus and what it does to us.

Personally (so far) my best friend was but in a ventilator and fought for her life during one week of this epidemic. This made me understand the danger of it, which, in turn, makes me very provoked of people who doesn’t take the rules and regulations set by the authorities, seriously. Which in turn has led me to look down and actually disrespect these people. As they disrespect me, my friend and my parents of +75. But still I am not up for more rules and lock-downs.

What has intrigued and scared me the most, is how some handle (or not) this very unusual times. How unbelievably few who don’t have the capability to transfer and apply the rules and recommendations given to their own everyday. The ones who needs to have a precise answer, for their particular personal situation.

I see this inability as a threat to democracy. How easy democracy can be lost to totalitarian measures, when people are so afraid (or unable to) take responsibility of any decision/recommendations themselves, so they rather have someone given them a direct order. In other words people are prepared to loose their freedom and put their fate in other people’s power. I guess it is all grand as long as we believe the reasons to be grand, but what happen when they are not.

From now on I will be even more skeptical of people who want clear and direct answers to complex issues. Who ducks their own possibility to analyse and take responsibility.

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