Homage to him

I hope, but naturally I can not be sure, that you know how happy you make me. On all the levels of life. From daily jokes to confirming my grandeur as a woman.

With this post, I want to tribute your dedication for football and the fact that you allow yourself to engage in what you love. From when you started coaching seven (?) years ago, to being an assistant coach, to getting your UFEA A degree, to take on the head coach assignment for your childhood club, I’ve seen your passion and development as well as agonies and challenges.

For the uninitiated the result on the board is black or white. It simply determines if you are a good or bad coach. He doesn’t see nor need to include the hours of efforts leading up to that result. He has the privilege to judge your capability based on that result only.

We know that coaching is so much more than just football. Leadership is profound and includes to balance a group of people with different skills, different amounts of skills, love and dedication. It is also partly parenting (sometime for people who are allowed to go out in war and legally drink alcohol) and not the least, politics.

Despite this, you have put your tonnes of knowledge and ambition, in endless hours (day and night) to secure a team, which successfully play the football you want them to play based on their individual capabilities. This while also dealing with players’ self-knowledge as well as self-worth.

Through drama and strong head-wind you have not only found your leadership approach, you’ve stayed with it. Like a fool you knew and stayed to what was best for you and the team you lead.

For this I am so proud! Never ever stop believing what is right for you. When one is true to oneself, one’ll never get lost.

Today you won so much more than a qualifying game. I share the happiness with you. If someone is worth it, its YOU.

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