Lovin’ it

I’m on vacation. Or, as self-employed there is no vacation for me to take (nor any limit to how much vacation I can take). But as my current assignment colleauges is taking a break from their mundane worklife, so do I. Even if I wanted to (which I don’t) I’m not the one pulling the strings in this project I can’t do stuff without the others.

I spend my vacation in solitude. Well, not in a convent without wifi. But the Mr had early vacation (he can’t really choose when to have his, and was off in June ) and after one very nice (and first ever) trip to Majorca together, we spent our vacations separately. With a few exceptions.

For me the seclusion has (naturally) provided me with time. Time spend inwards. Time for reflection. Contemplation.

And this have lead to several clarities and actions of what to do with my life. I feel very happy and content and filled with action to take my additional steps on my life journey.

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