F.A.B just fab

In a weak moment I promissed our youngest to take him to the Unisport flagship store in Copenhagen, in the pursuit of the perfect football boots. He invited a friend to join and then one more and another one until I had to make him stop.

I had to cancel the first planned trip two weeks ago (as I was down with the flu or something just as lethal), but today the time had come.

And what a treat! Four very polite, friendly and sweet 13-year olds. Having a great day. Even if some of them got disappointed when parents put a hard stop to the budget of both boots and gloves. But shortly thereafter it was just smiles again. We also gave them a important lesson to not pay for bad/non-existing service.

Anyhow, this day will stay in my heart for a long time. I have very much faith in the generation to come.

I also thank Marianne and my husband who joined as extra chaperones.

This picture was taken before the budget stop had come into action.

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