Those small moments of wonder

Let’s embrace them. Those small, small moments of wonder when you, instinctually, deep down in yourself, know that everything will turn out fine for your kids.

This is not always obvious, as you see them take “wrong” turns and do “not so thought through stuff”. When you see them do short sighted things and things that you just wouldn’t do.

The type of parent which I represent, is not totally over the fact that the offsprings are not a 1:1 replica of ourselves. Meaning, us parents live in the notion that although physically different at sight, our kids still have our fantastic brain with similar knowledge and capabilities to ourselves. Instead of embracing the fact, that they have their own fantastic brain and capabilities, and probably the similar knowledge to what can be expected of a 30 year younger individual.

And 80% the misstakes you see them do, you have probably done AND forgotten about. The fact that they are not a 100% copy of yourself makes them different, but not worse. A common misstake for us oldies, we think that different is worse and not just different.

Therefore, the joy I as a parent feel, when they talk about their future is quite bottomless (especially when the furthest they proved to see before, is approximately 10 min in to their computer game). Just as bottomless is the the pride when I see them replacing the un-open carton of milk and return to the fridge for the already open one, or answering their manager’s text without being reminded.

I know, small things but so important for me to rest assure that things will just be alright.

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